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Welcome to the Crafts World of Fair-trader Drexco and its skilled Haitian Artisans!


Wholesale of giftware and home decor handicrafts, mainly for the Caribbean tourist market, gifts and souvenirs shops, but also for home decorating stores. We specialize in hand-painted items : metal sculpture, papier-mâché and woodcraft and in rag dolls. Most of our products are made using recycled materials.

You can browse our products by Family (Bathroom, Tableware, Kitchen, Home Decor, etc...) like in our Catalog or by Department (Metal, Wood, Papier-Mâché, Textile, etc...)


Our Handcrafted Products :

45 Gecko Lizards Designs Available Fishes in Metal, Wood, Papiermache with Tropical Colors Caribbean Life Scenes
Burnished Steel Sculptures Middle West and African Style
US Kokopelli
Custom Design Welcome
Paris Cafe
Exotic Animals hand-paited on metal, wood, papiermache
Australia Koala

Online Wholesale Giftware Store

Please send an email to Regi () to ask for the link to our online store for wholesalers, distributors or retailers.
If you are interested in our items for private use please check the online retail stores carrying our products below

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Telephone : +509 221 3542 / 3543
FAX : +1 305 513 5114 (Miami Internet Relay)

Postal address : P.O. Box 415, Port-au-Prince, HAITI
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Online retail outlets :

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Haitian Gallery in Paris


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Oil Drum Art
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